It takes quite a voice to get heard on TV, in cinemas and on radio

I have done voiceovers for over 30 years, and my voice is broadcast frequently in the media. My experience, professionalism, and commitment provide the best opportunities for your message to get across

I offer voiceovers with or without a ready-to-go soundtrack in these formats:

  • TV: R128 0 LU (-23 LUFS)
  • Radio: 44,1kHz, 16 bit mono.


Terms for all assignments:

  • Voiceovers are available with a male or female voice.
  • Voiceovers are available in English or Danish
  • One round of correction is included at no charge

Professional producers wishing to create their own sound fron scratch may request the unedited recording. Otherwise, all audio files are delivered to meet specifications and in the requested format – plug and play.

Should you want to assess a brief sample voiceover or present one to your client, please forward an excerpt from your script.



Here you’ll find a mix of the ltest voiceovers for TV.

Radio commercial series produced for the Uncle Grey agency promoting the jem & fix building supplies chain


This is how things can go wrong when you forget to check inventory …

When you order a voiceover for a radio ad, you may choose just the voiceover or the full ad
with music and sound effects, up to 30 seconds

Jens Abildskov, TV 2

”He is ready to work at any time. His high-quality deliverables are prompt. It is always a pleasusre to work on projects with Kim”

Janni Nøhr, Brand Communication Manager - Siemens Hvidevarer

”For several years, I have had the pleasure of working with Kim Selch Speak. Kim is a gifted speaker with an excellent voice. He is a friendly, approachable, and professional provider. At most of our sessions, it took no time at all for him to nail the recording. Kim is good at improvising when we discover that we need to tweak the script. I absolutely recommend Kim Selch Speak”

Michael Hagen, Publicis Groupe

”I has been my pleasure to work with Kim in creating voiceovers for our customer Jeep. Working with Kim is straightforward; it’s easy to arrange appointments even at short notice. He’s always ready to work. In no time flat, the recording is done to the delight of everyone, and no time is wasted for us or for his studio”.

Kate Kagawa, Producer at KIND & Creative Service

”On several occasions over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with Kim on promotional videos, and I recommend him highly. His voice is superb, and he always performs at the highest level. His inhouse studio makes his schedule flexible, and he is able to work on short notice. In addition, he is pleasant and agreeable. I give him mega thumbs up!”

Anna Paludan, Marketing & E-commerce, jem & fix

”We at the building products chain jem & fix have worked with Kim since 2010, and we have always found him to be super flexible and keen for us to succeed. We truly appreciate Kim as our corporate voice”

Claudia Bækhave, Head of bookings, Supersonic

”We have worked wtih Kim for over 20 years, and it has been a pleasure. Kim is always on time and is well prepared. Ever the professional, he is flexible and receptive to suggestions”

Magnus Hall, Online Voices. Project Manager & Sound Producer

”We have worked with Kim for many years. Great result everytime, and happy clients. Just the way we want it”

Jess Jessen Risbo, Creative Producer at Story House Egmont

”As a producer of promotional videos at entertainment company Nordisk Film, I have used Kim as the voicover in numerous productions ranging from children’s movies to horror movies. Kim always sounds wonderful, he’s fast, and he applies feedback right away. He is exceedingly accommodating, and he gets my highest recommendation.”