This training is for anyone wishing to enhance his or her performance when speaking into a microphone, into a telphone, in front of an audience, or in a customer

I will give you the tools to make a significant difference any time you speak. The training takes place in my studio north of Copenhagen.
You will practice new ways to use your voice in day-to-day situations soas to create a better emotional connection with your target audience. It’s all about projecting empathy and sounding natural and engaged.If we lose our personal connection when we speak to others, we all waste time.In my training, we cover …

Finding your own voice and losing the artificial ”speaker voice”Letting go of old habits

  • Adopting specific tools and techniques to vary and improve your speech
  • Becoming confident and at ease
  • Leveraging your potential as a speaker – starting at your current level of skill
  • One-on-one practice and intensive training
  • Strategies to maintain your progress

You will come away with a personal plan for turning the tools into valuable means of creating change and achieving results. You will in
addition come away with means of maintaining the new skills and avoiding a relapse into old habits.

Courses are held here in the studio in teams of 1-2 people, and are planned individually according to wishes and needs in terms of duration and content. Courses can also be booked at your place. Here you have the oppertunity to organize your own course, duration and number of participants. 

Find out more about the training by clicking on the link below and filling out the contact form. I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Government officials taking the training

We thank Mie Thulstrup Johansen and Jesper Christensen (employees at Denmark’s Ministry of Taxation) for the three productive and enjoyable days they spent in our studio.

We worked hard on techniques for speaking naturally and in a personal and engaged manner.

Singer Mie being retrained from singing to speaking.


Mie already mastered the techniques of song – a blessing and a curse in that a fully natural and engaged speech pattern is miles from singing.

We all possess a good voice. The question is whether we have found it.

Ian Wisler-Poulsen, Bestseller Author and Speaker

”The guidance I received from Kim Selch was invaluable for my project. I’m a total novice, but I never felt lost. He kept the attention on the fact that working together, we would achieve our goals in a relatively large project. He has the latest top notch equipment, and he has a sincerely positive and approachable attitude. He solves challenges quickly, he is persistent in the work, and he performs at the highest professional level.”