Telephone Message Systems / Interactive Voice Response

The customer’s first impression makes all the difference in how your business gets perceived. A variety of voices, poor quality recordings, and an unfriendly system leave a customer with a negative impression of your business.

Conversely, a good impression may result when the opposite is the case. When customers have a positive experience that they are dealing with a professional company, they feel appreciated and will interact with any company representative in a receptive frame of mind.

This reflects well on your image – and it shows up on the bottom line. When you spend a marketing budget to attract new clients, the least you can do is to treat them well when they show up. That’s less expensive than you might think.

For more than 15 years, I have made the voice recordings for telephone systems at prominent companies and organizations.

Request a quote for a full set of telephone system voice recordings. Let us discuss your company’s outgoing messages and any data protection concerns you may have (GDPR).


  • Voiceovers are available with a male or female voice
  • Voiceovers are available in English or Danish
  • We work with all formats for all systems.

Lyder det godt, når vi ringer?

Hvilken betydning har det, at stemmen er venlig og imødekommende, når du ringer til en virksomhed?
Standard license, semi-annual payment. Basics (recording of all statements to be entered into the system)
DKK 6.000,-
Additionally, each IVR statement, as needed
DKK 1.250,-
Pro license, semi-annual payment. Including IVR statements ad lib.
DKK 11.000,-

Per René Neuhauge Gotfredsen, Call Center Manager, Dantaxi

”When Dantaxi needed to update the IVR recordings, I received a recommendation. We never regretted hiring him, and now we have a professional IVR system to help our customers book a car. ?? The process was flexible, efficient, and fast; we soon had the IVR recordings ready. We found it easy to work with Kim – and we liked it that the fee was very reasonable!”