About Selch

My first time behind a microphone was in 1989 …

For several years, I volunteered at a local radio station and then moved on to do so at other radio stations in Denmark. I have offered professional voiceover services since 2002, providing all kinds of audio tracks for all kinds of clients.

Sound is the theme of my life – going beyond the spoken word to the quality of the recording and the branding of the product or service being promoted. Having difficulty sitting still for any length of time, I worked concurrently in old-school sales and built several businesses, always handling sales. By 2016, I had tired of that, and I decided to devote my professional life to producing high-quality voiceovers.

I always do my utmost because I view my deliverable as a personal piece of handiwork. It’s my name and my voice – my reputation is on the line!

Come on in – welcome to Kim Selch Speak.